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Des propos méprisants envers les pères de famille...

From: Corey Jamieson
Friday, November 02, 2007 2:17 PM

Subject: Gender Discrimination

Dear Mr. Maloney,

RE: Abuse task force will not apologize for blunt approach

(Fri, November 2, 2007)

It is my understanding from reading the Constitution Act that all citizens are entitled to equal treatment under the law regardless of their gender. In your article of today you have clearly chosen to openly support discrimination against men by radical feminist organizations, by police forces and by our government as a whole.

Take for instance your undeniable promotion directing readers to a website that portrays all men as domestic abusers while failing to inform readers of the many reported and unreported incidents of female on male domestic violence. "A Website has been established that offers help to abused women, abusive men and concerned third parties"

When you wrote that sentence, did you stop and reread it before it was published? That is without a doubt a very disparaging statement against the male populous. Did you not ask why there is no help being offered to the male victims of domestic violence? I would suggest to you that you did not engage in any fact finding research before authoring this piece and that you took the word of a group of females as gospel. These feminists were more than happy to give you their spin on the situation and you were sucked right in.

As a father and citizen of this country I am continually appalled at the ignorance of many media outlets. London Ontario perhaps being one of the worst offenders of discrimination against men and fathers in their own community. You should be very aware that you yourself could become a victim in the blink of an eye. One thing I can assure you of, you will find no sympathy from the fathers in this country after you so blatantly attempted to mislead the public about us.

Corey Jamieson

Canadian Association of Journalists

(Canadian Family Forum)

Voici maintenant le texte haineux à la source de cette indignation.

Merci à Jeremy Swanson

Jeremy Swanson

Fathers and Men's Rights Activist

"For The Children"

Ottawa, Ontario

Phone: (613) 237-1320 ext 2438

Un valeureux soldat dans cette lutte pour la vérité

Abuse task force will not apologize for blunt approach

Turning a blind eye to domestic abuse is about to get a lot harder in London.

Billboards urging people to "stop men's violence against women" will soon start popping up across the city as the Mayor's Task Force to End Women Abuse ratchets up the profile of its efforts.

"The average person may not see this as their issue," Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco-Best said after a news conference yesterday.

"What we're trying to tell them is it is their issue, we each have a responsibility to get involved."

The task force, made up of several anti-violence groups and organizations in the education, health care and business sectors, was launched last year. DeCicco-Best cited a spike in domestic violence as the catalyst.

The new ads feature one of four people -- a young tattooed man, a man in a suit, a construction worker and a young woman -- and the stylized slogan "I step forward to end men's violence against women."

DeCicco-Best made no apologies for that straight-forward message. "You have to be a little provocative in the issue in raising the level of awareness because if you're not, then no one's going to get it," she said.

"We hope that when people see these billboards . . . that's going to twig for them."

The task force raised $30,000 to launch the month-long ad blitz. About $2,000 in tax dollars was used.

More than 90 per cent of domestic homicide victims in Ontario are women and nine out of 10 assaults are committed by men.

Often, however, there isn't just one victim in cases of domestic violence, said one expert who attended yesterday's announcement.

"One of the things we've learned is if we can help to ensure the woman is safe -- the mother is safe -- then we're doing a lot to ensure the children are safe," said Jane Fitzgerald, executive director of the local Children's Aid Society.

"We certainly view it within the whole family. We always work to ensure both mother and child are safe."

A Website has been established that offers help to abused women, abusive men and concerned third parties.

To learn more, go to

For comment on this article contact London Free Press Journalist Patrick Maloney

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